A Call for Artists - What Were You Wearing?

A call for our Community

A virtual art exhibit that powerfully answers

the question:

'What were you wearing?'

The Arts Council + Rise Above Violence

Hey everyone! Let's take a break from Netflix and participate in a virtual art show!

In these unprecedented times, it's more important than ever that we join together and support our community.  Here's a chance to do both with an upcoming virtual art event.  What Were You Wearing, an exhibit originally hosted by ABOA Gallery & Lounge, (thank you ABOA!) has now gone virtual.

In recognition of April's Sexual Assault Awareness month, the Arts Council is collaborating with Rise Above Violence to present What Were You Wearing - an exhibit that debunks the myth that maybe the survivor could’ve prevented their assault if they had worn something different.  The timing is critical. While activity outside the home is virtually non-existence, the rate of domestic violence in the home is expected to double. Those who were already isolated by their abuser now have no daily escape. Jobs are lost. Stress is high. People are afraid. As a result, victims are being watched closely and unable to call for help.  Eight out of 10 victims of rape know their rapist, and 51% of female rape victims report being raped by an intimate partner. Social isolation makes this worse. 

Your Creativity can Save Lives Whether you're an artist, business person, retiree, stay at home warrior, rancher, council member, volunteer...you can help!

Put together an outfit from the clothes in your closet. Create a piece of art in your favorite medium. Or do both. Here's how...

How to Participate

  1. There are short poems written by survivors about what they were wearing. We invite you to choose up to three poems that speak to you, and from which you can create your piece(s). A "piece" is considered a custom clothing design or art in your preferred medium. 

  2. Click HERE to find the poems. 

  3. Click the poem to open it.

  4. If you wish to "purchase" the poem, simply click the "Buy Now" button toward the bottom of that poem's page. You will not be charged. Clicking the button simply reserves the poem for your use only.

  5. You may select up to three poems.

  6. Enjoy the creative process!

  7. When finished with your piece(s), take 180-degree videos (moving your phone back and forth) of EACH completed piece(s). If you do not have video capabilities, photos work just fine.

  8. By Wednesday, April 15, email your videos or pictures and submission details to ashley@riseaboveviolence.org. Include the medium of piece(s), i.e, clothing exhibit, painting, felt, ceramic, jewelry, metal work... Include your full name, email, phone, title of piece, dimensions, and retail sales value. If it's not for sale, indicate NFS.

  9. If you prefer to be anonymous, please indicate that, as well.

  10. Your piece(s) will be featured on the virtual WWYW exhibit, hosted on the Rise Above Violence website. 

  11. RISE will advertise the virtual gallery. We ask that you help us share on social media.

  12. Interested buyers will be directed back to you, to handle any sales.

  13. There is no submission fee for this show. If you sell an item, no percentage will be taken by RISE or the Arts Council. We invite you to consider making a donation from your sold piece(s) to Rise Above Violence.

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