Educational Programs


Education is at the heart of all that we do. We believe that creativity has the power to expand our minds while connecting us to our community in all-new ways. 

"There is no such thing as creative and non-creative people, only people who use their creativity and people who don’t." -Brene Brown 

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Afterschool and Summer Programming (K-5): 

Through an arts-based lens, students will participate in a variety of project-based learning opportunities that are geared towards community-based arts projects. Students will build their creativity through play and inquiry during open studio time. Their play and inquiry will be guided towards an overarching community-based art project that will be executed in the studio and celebrated in the community through installation or an art show. They will inquire about problems related to our community and the global community. Through research, investigation, and art-making they will display their learning in an authentic experience that will further build their 21st Century Skills through practicing communication, presentation, and the building of networks within a community.

Job Training, Internship, Job Shadows, Grade 6-12:

Mentorship and community-based arts internship: Grades 6-8

Students will mentor the students in the after school program through positive character building, leading by example, and the creation of their own art. They will also be working to create and implement community-based arts projects by following the design cycle, using 21st-century skills, and practicing communication, presentation, and the building of networks within a community. Attendance and grades will be monitored and feedback will be given on a regular basis. 

Job Training: Grades 9-12

Students will participate in a job training program in which they have to apply to and be selected for. During their time they will receive a stipend. Their duties include; clocking in and out, maintaining and cleaning the classroom space, planning and implementing community arts projects, planning and implementing art shows, assisting with family arts nights, and mentoring younger students. They receive feedback and mentorship based on their job performance. 


The Aspen House Partnership and San Juan Mountain School Partnership:

Together with the teachers and supervisors of these organizations, students participate in a collaborative curriculum that takes place during the school week. These projects include adaptive arts classes, art instruction, open studio play time, community arts projects, public art exhibitions, and project based learning to find solutions for a variety of community problems and challenges. 

Partnership with local teachers and worked based learning programs: 

The program will partner with local teachers to support their project based learning efforts and to support ideas for arts based collaboration. 

The program will partner with the work based learning programs to help to find students interested in the creative industry an internship or job shadow in the local community. Students will also have the chance to internship as an educational intern for the partnerships with the Aspen House.

Community Workshops and Classes

The classes we offer encompass everything from watercolor, clay, alcohol inks to building your creativity and your artistic business. We believe that creativity is for everyone and strive to provide class offerings that help anyone to feel that they belong here. 

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